Why You Should Book Dental Cleanings For Your Dog

Posted on: 2 December 2021

There are all sorts of ways that you can keep your dog's teeth clean to some degree, including brushing them with a special finger brush and providing hard chew toys. There will often come a time, however, that tartar begins to build up on your dog's teeth and requires the intervention of a professional. This is a time to book a dental cleaning appointment for the pet at your local veterinary clinic. Often under general anesthesia, the veterinarian will thoroughly clean the pet's teeth. You'll likely want to have this procedure done several times during the dog's life. Here are some reasons that professional cleaning is important as part of routine veterinary services.

It Prevents Tooth Loss

If you ignore your dog's dental hygiene, it can deteriorate to the point that the pet begins to lose some of its teeth. While one or two missing teeth might not seem like a big issue beyond affecting the dog's appearance, this issue can continue and lead to significant complications. Namely, if the pet loses enough of its teeth, it won't be able to chew hard food. This could result in you having to change its diet, which may involve more work than just serving conventional dog food. The risk of tooth loss is much less when a vet regularly cleans the animal's teeth.

It Improves The Dog's Breath

An accumulation of tartar on the dog's teeth will often lead to gum issues, much in the same manner as humans can experience when they don't regularly visit the dentist. In this state, your dog's breath will deteriorate to the point that it's extremely pungent. You'll likely be aware of the animal's bad breath when you're playing with it or when it's sleeping in your bed. If you have guests visit you in your home, you might feel embarrassed if they comment on the dog's breath. A professional cleaning will significantly improve the odor of the animal's breath.

It Reduces The Risk Of Heart Issues

A dog with a lot of built-up tartar and gum issues can be at risk of health problems that extend far beyond its mouth. There's a link between poor dental health and heart disease in dogs, much in the same manner as in humans. Heart-related ailments can not only end your dog's life prematurely, but can potentially lead to frequent veterinary clinic visits. You'll lower this risk by having your vet clean your dog's teeth around a set schedule. Contact your local veterinary clinic to set an appointment.