Avoiding Some Potentially Serious Health Problems With Your Pet

Posted on: 21 April 2020

Making sure that your pet is having all of its healthcare needs met is among the most basic and important responsibilities that you will have to your animal. However, pet owners may not always be as thorough as they should be when meeting these needs.

Keep Your Pet Vaccinated

Failing to keep the animal vaccinated is one of the most common and serious oversights that an owner may make as this can leave their animal far more vulnerable to otherwise avoidable serious illness and disease. Often, pet owners may have their animal vaccinated when it is young, but they may fail to realize that there are many vaccinations that the animal will need to receive yearly or every few years. In addition to making the animal far more susceptible to disease, you may also struggle to be able to safely board the animal as most facilities will require all of the animals that they accept to be fully up to date on vaccinations.

Consider Microchipping Your Pet

Most pet owners want to avoid thinking about the prospect of losing their pets or having it run away. While a collar with tags on it can be a common option that people will take to ensure the animal is returned to them. It should be noted that there can be ways that this may not work or that it may even fail. One source of failure can be the collar coming off or the tag getting removed. Adding a microchip to the animal can substantially increase the prospects of it being returned to you if it gets lost. Furthermore, this microchip can contain important information about any health conditions that the animal may experience.

Understand The Problems Temperature Extremes Can Create

Some pet owners can be guilty of failing to appreciate that the temperature outside can be a major source of health problems. While your pet is outside, its temperature can dramatically rise, which can lead to overheating or even heat stroke. Additionally, extremely cold temperatures can lead to frostbite or hypothermia. Being aware of the outdoor temperature can be essential if you are to avoid these problems. Otherwise, you may accidentally leave your pet outside for too long when the temperature is dangerously high or low. While providing water or a small heated space can lessen these risks, the best option for mitigating this can be to bring your pet indoors until the temperature outside returns to a safe range for your pet.

For more information on pet health, reach out to an animal hospital near you.